Dogs Up For Adoption

couchdogs4908In this picture, you can see 5 of our lovely dogs up for adoption, namely Ravel, Justin, Samson, Johnny, Delilah and Posey. They are actually quintuplets and came out at the same time from a stray mother dog. When they were puppies, it was very difficult to separate them apart and very few people would want to adopt a quintuplet mainly due to financial issues. But as these puppies grew up, they started becoming more intelligent and understanding, and now they are much more willing to separate from their brothers and sisters.

The social worker in charge of taking care of these dogs have also developed some feelings and attachment to them, and is feeling very sad that they would have to leave the care of her some time soon. Therefore her wish is that anyone who adopt these dogs would allow her to visit them once in a while. Of course, this is only a request and you have the right to reject this request if you ever become the owner of these dogs.

These dogs are very intelligent and have helped out a lot in the center by doing a lot of manual work such as fetching things from one place to another and accompanying babies by playing with them. As you can see from the picture, they all have a very sad face now as they know that their time at the center is coming to an end and they will have to leave this place they grew up in very soon. But fret not for they will definitely not give you any trouble at their new home as they are very understanding adult dogs.

If you ever choose to adopt any one of them, you will definitely not regret it as they will be able to help you in a lot of many different ways. Be it in your garden, your house, grocery shopping, detective work and many others, they have been trained very well in our Cinnamon Boxers adoption center and also given a lot of practice. They are also able to communicate with humans very well and understand simple word languages.

We wish anyone who ever choose to adopt any one of these pups to have a wonderful time with them and God Bless You.