logotransparentCinnamon Boxers is a website where you will be able to find a lot of dogs and puppies for adoption. Most of these dogs were found abandoned by their owners or were stray dogs who had difficulties surviving on their own outside. If you have ever thought of owning your own dog, why not consider adopting one instead of wasting money to purchase a new one from the pet shop?


Some people think that stray dogs from adoption center are a lot dirtier as you would not know where they originated from in the first place and their past history. But this is definitely not true as all of our dogs here are sent to the vet for a health check before they can be confirmed to be put up for adoption. For those dogs whom the vet deemed is unsuitable to be put up for adoption, they will remain in the center to be taken care of by our own social workers.


If you do not wish to adopt any dogs but is just a dog lover, you can also consider coming to our side to volunteer as a helper. We not only require people to take care of dogs, but we also require assistance and help in many other areas such as admin work, delivery services, advertisements, dog food, dog supplies like chains and others, etc. Therefore, if you are a dog lover but are afraid of dogs, you can also contribute in a lot of many different ways. You can also come to our center just to spend your free time playing with the dogs if you really love them but are unable to adopt one back for any reason or another.


If you are a teacher or principal who would like to organize a visit for your students to our Cinnamon Boxers adoption center, you can also feel free to do so by contacting us at the top of this page. We are very open and welcome to anyone who would like to visit us and our dogs.


We hope that you have had a nice time at Cinnamon Boxers and please do help us to spread the word out to your friends and family so that they know where they can adopt a dog if they ever choose to have one as a pet.